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Apple AirTag Is Banned By An Australian Retailer, As It Can Be Fatal To Young Children

Apple AirTag is banned by an Australian.

One of the features of AirTag is that the batteries can be exchanged quite easily. But according to the Australian retailer Officeworks, this is a deadly feature for young children. That is why the retail chain Officeworks is currently banning this Apple accessory.

According to an Officeworks employee, the small battery that powers each AirTag can be easily removed. If parents use AirTag to monitor their children, young children may be curious and remove the battery, put it in their mouth, and pose a choking hazard.
The Australian Competition and Consumers Commission (ACCC), the country's regulatory body for consumer protection, has verified the matter.

“The Apple AirTag product line will be temporarily out of sale in Officeworks stores,” an Officeworks spokesperson said by email . The product will not be provided by Officeworks until further instruction from the ACCC. The committee is still working with Apple to address safety concerns.

Apple responded immediately: “AirTag is designed to meet safety standards for children around the world, including those in Australia. The AirTag requires a two-step push and spin mechanism to be able to access the internal battery ”. Therefore, according to Apple, it will be difficult for children to take out the internal battery of the AirTag.

So far there have been no reports of children swallowing the batteries inside AirTag, or AirTag causing dangerous accident for users. Aside from Officeworks there are other Australian retailers selling AirTag, so it can be seen that the ACCC has not yet issued an official ban across Australia.

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