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Apple Wanted To Bring Flash To The iPhone, But In The End Gave Up

Apple wanted to bring Flash to the iPhone, but in the end gave up

The iPhone and iPad have never supported Flash Player and for many people this is a pretty big downside, especially since Adobe's software has long been a fairly popular piece of software, with a large portion of the web history use it.

Steve Jobs himself said the company has no intention of bringing Flash to iOS, but as it turns out, it's not that Jobs doesn't want Flash on the iPhone and iPad. Former Apple CEO, Scott Forstall, has made more clarification about being between Adobe and Apple.

Forstall said both Adobe and Apple wanted to include Flash in the iPhone and iPad, but the initial build was so bad that the Cupertino-based tech giant eventually abandoned the project.

“We don't support Flash. We tried to get Flash to work. We have helped Adobe. We certainly did. We thought if we could get it to work, this could be great. Flash is such an issue because the way it connects to the system, it's a virus nightmare on Windows, even on the Mac. And when we got it running on iOS, the performance was awful and embarrassing and it could never achieve something that would be of added value to consumers , ” said former Apple CEO. has indicated.

Flash Player is now dead, after Adobe officially stopped offering it earlier this year, with all major browsers abandoning it as well. So, to some extent, Apple was right to not support Flash on its flagship devices.

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