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Elon Musk Sets A New Goal For Tesla: Not Only Making Cars But Also Being An AI Robot Company

Elon Musk sets a new goal for Tesla: not only making cars but also being an AI robot company

Tesla is not just an ordinary car company but is going beyond to become a cult technology company in the world.

During the earnings report at the end of April, CEO Elon Musk set a new goal for electric car company Tesla - not only as an electric vehicle manufacturer but also entering the field of artificial intelligence to develop. into one of the most powerful AI software groups in the world.

" We've shown we can do things that other self-driving car companies can't. So if you look at the evolution of the technologies that we've developed, we develop them to solve problems. topic of self-driving cars ." Elon Musk told analysts.

" The software currently used to solve the problems of self-driving cars is still very rudimentary, so we wanted to build a team from the ground up and be able to grow into the most advanced AI team in the world. real world ." Tesla's head of technology said during the earnings call for the first quarter of 2021.
Elon Musk himself has been investing in AI for many years now. One of the most notable investments is OpenAI, a company he founded in 2015 with Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever and Wojciech Zaremba.

OpenAI emerges as a leader in research and expanding access to AI technology. This is basically a non-profit organization, however in 2020 it becomes a company and partners with Microsoft to achieve new advancements, both in the language area with GPT-3 models as well as such as robotics and computer vision.

But Mr. Musk's vision goes beyond that. Combining artificial intelligence with self-driving capabilities also brings Robotaxis - a self-driving car-hailing service similar to Uber or Grab, but completely using self-driving cars and more cost-effective. Musk believes that Tesla can overcome the challenges of self-driving technology with only six cameras, machine learning technology and a computerized "brain" that can react at the speed of a human.

In addition, the company also continues to develop Dojo, a supercomputer for training AI self-driving cars on Tesla cars. Musk previously claimed that Tesla's Dojo supercomputer is capable of performing one exaFLOP, equivalent to 10 18 floating point calculations per second, making it the most powerful supercomputer in the world. It will be optimized for training artificial neural networks as well as equipping other companies.

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