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Google Introduces Project Starline, A 3D Video Calling System So Vivid That It's Possible To Touch Each Other

Google introduces Project Starline, a 3D video calling system so vivid that it's possible to touch each other

As the demand for video calling is skyrocketing globally, Google is working to bring a whole new experience to this technology.

Video calling apps are no longer a rarity, but delivering an experience like a face-to-face conversation between two people sitting next to each other is still a challenge to overcome. And Google is trying to overcome this barrier with its new technology.

On Tuesday, during its event, Google unveiled Project Starline, an ambitious video chat system that uses a series of cameras and sensors to capture 3D images of callers from multiple angles. different degrees. These images are then transmitted in real time to the participants in the video call.
It also combines machine learning, surround sound, visual computing, and real-time compression to create a visual effect that looks like two people standing next to each other. They also use a light-field display system to produce images with sound and images with lifelike dimensions and depth without the need for the user to wear glasses or other special hearing equipment.

Imagine this as if you were looking through a magical window, and through it, you could see other people in life-size 3D images ." Google Vice President Clay Bavor said in the blog post. " You can talk, exchange hand gestures and eye contact in a completely natural way ."

With Google's vision, Starline is only used for video calls between individuals. Currently, the equipment for this Starline system is still quite cumbersome when it includes a small room with cameras and light equipment placed close together. Wired reports that this room has dozens of different depth sensors and a screen up to 65 inches wide to show the true size of the caller.
Until now, this Project Starline project has only been used in a small number of Google offices and still requires special equipment. But Mr. Bavor said Google's goal is "to make this technology more accessible and cheaper ."

The technology is being tested among Googlers and demonstrated to enterprise partners in the healthcare and media industries. Google is planning to test the Starline project to other partners later this year.

Under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, video calls are becoming more and more popular, but the experience it brings is almost unchanged from before. And as this trend continues to increase in the future, users will certainly want a much better experience than they do today, and Google is working to capitalize on this opportunity to improve that experience.

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