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Google Is About To Launch Chrome 92 With A New Feature TOo Instantly Forward And Reverse Pages On Windows, Linux And MacOS

Google is about to launch Chrome 92 with a new feature to instantly forward and reverse pages on Windows.

Last year, Google introduced a new feature called “back-forward cache” on Google Chrome Android version, this is a feature that allows instant page loading when users switch between web pages with the back button. return or forward. According to a new document discovered by the news site Windowslatest, the upcoming Google Chrome 92 update will also allow support for this unique feature on all 3 platforms Windows, Linux and macOS.

In Google Chrome, if you open and close a page, the page is immediately removed from memory to save resources. For almost two years, Google has been experimenting with a back-forward cache feature so that opened pages will no longer be deleted as before, so if the user goes back to the page with the back or forward button, the page will no longer be deleted. will appear always instead of having to reload as before. This feature tries to make Chrome's Back and Forward buttons work almost instantly.

"Back-forward cache is a browser feature that improves the user experience by keeping a page alive after the user exits the page and helping the user to reuse the page immediately by Back/Forward buttons. We have made this feature available for Android. We want to start testing the back-forward cache on the Desktop platform. " Google notes in a new document.
Accordingly, pages will be cached by Chrome, allowing the browser to instantly restore the entire page when the user navigates back, as shown in the GIF above. The feature will also work when navigating to a previously visited page. This feature will be enabled on Chrome version 92 for Desktop platforms in the coming months.
Google is currently planning to begin testing Chrome 92 and expand its reach in the coming months. It's not yet clear when this feature will be enabled for all users or just to a small extent, but interested users can manually enable back-forward cache from the flags menu on Chrome. In addition to improving page loading speed, Google is also said to be working on the Sharing Hub, which will allow users to copy a page's URL, generate a QR code, and cast the tab to another connected device.

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