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Hiker Games, The Father Of 7554 Announced A New Game Project: 300475, Tells About The Liberation Day Of The Vietnamese History

Hiker Games, the father of 7554

Once again, Hiker Games challenged it with a shooter set in history.

It's been 12 years since Vietnamese gamers saw a milestone in the home video game village. We have a 7554 story-based shooter, a game about Vietnamese history and a memorable milestone in the Vietnamese game production industry. Hiker Games, who styled 7554, announced the next project after more than a decade honing its "real war" experience.

300475 will be a historical victory game about April 30, 1975, a good topic and attracts many eyes of public opinion. Continuing to be the shooting genre (highly likely to have a first-person perspective), the 300475 is promised to possess a rich gameplay, not just a boring sneak-shoot-run loop.

Hiker Games has just announced the existence of the 300475 project, just started the first round of fundraising: they want to receive 20 billion VND of gamers, trustworthy investors. It is expected that the production process will last 30 months, and the contingency arises 6 months. This means that if Hiker Games is successful in crowdfunding, with the fundraising period lasting from April 2021 to April 2022, we will see 300475 between October 2024 and May 2025. .

Those who believe in Hiker Games' vision can support the 300475 project at this link . As follows:

- Donate 500,000 VND, you will receive a code to download the game on launch date. The amount is equivalent to half of the expected price given by Hiker Games.

- With 1,000,000 VND, you will receive a physical version, including 1 game disc, 1 disc of music in the game. The number of discs sold is limited.

- Donate 2,000,000 VND, you will receive a physical game box, including 1 disc, 1 music disc, 1 T-shirt, 1 behind-the-scenes DVD, 1 thank you poster from the game team. T-shirts, DVDs and posters are available in limited quantities, only available on pre-order quantities. You will be able to try the beta version of 300475.

Promises to bring " rich gameplay experiences ", " live in the most Vietnamese battlefields from the mountains to the city ", " get the most intense things his father has to go through ", " experiencing the battles, the most memorable milestones in the nation's holy war , "we can pull expectations a little higher.

The game will not "simply" be the mission of holding a volunteer gun, but will be backed by a story that goes into people's hearts, leading players through different scenes, from the forest of war zones to the dilapidated streets. . This will be a 4.0 history lesson about the glorious victory of the long-term resistance war.

If it is possible to satisfy the community's expectations, Hiker Games will create the most vivid lecture on Vietnamese history ever existed on any platform. We wait for the deadline of the crowdfunding round, April 2022, to see if the developer's and community's dreams come true.

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