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Instructions On How To Launch Google Assistant Using Siri

In the article below, will guide you on how to launch Google Assistant using Siri very simply. Please welcome to read!

Although on the iPhone has a built-in virtual assistant called Siri, not everyone is familiar with this virtual assistant. A perfect alternative to Siri is called Google Assistant. And the cool thing here is that you can launch Google Assistant through Siri quickly and conveniently. Let's learn how to do this through the steps below!

Step 1: First, you need to install the Google Assistant virtual assistant on your iPhone using the following link .
Step 2: Once the installation is complete, exit back to the home screen of the iPhone. Next, access the Google Assistant app. At the first use, you need to log into your Google account to continue> allow Google Assistant to send notifications to your phone. In case you have already signed in with your Google account on your iPhone, you just need to select the account to continue.

Step 3: At the main interface of Google Assistant, click the Visual Snapshot button in the bottom left corner. Here you look for Add "OK Google" to Siri (Add "OK Google" to Siri)> click Add to Siri (Add to Siri).
Step 4: Next, you will be navigated to the shortcut command> re-confirm the shortcut by pressing Add to Siri (Add to Siri). You can check the shortcut commands again by going to the Shortcuts app.
Step 5: Finally, just exit back to your iPhone's home screen and launch Siri. Then say the command "OK, Google". At this point, Siri will answer you with the sentence: "What should question be?" or "What do you want to ask Google". Next you just need to read the keyword you want to search and Siri will pass the information to the Google Assistant virtual assistant. The information transfer will take a few seconds. Your search results will be displayed on the main interface of Google Assistant! It's simple, right!
Above are instructions on how to launch Google Assistant using Siri . Wish you success and don't forget to share this article with your friends and relatives!

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