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Just Finished Watching Iron Man 2, Steve Jobs Immediately Called The President Of Disney To Criticize The Movie Too Bad

Just Finished Watching Iron Man 2, Steve Jobs Immediately Called The President Of Disney To Criticize The Movie Too Bad

Compared to the first movie, Iron Man 2 is not highly appreciated by experts in terms of content, although this blockbuster has brought Marvel Studios a revenue of $ 623.9 million, higher than its predecessor. . Even the late Apple President, Steve Jobs, could not "swallow" the second separate movie for Iron Man. In Jobs' personal opinion, it was so bad that he had to immediately call Disney president Bob Iger to complain after returning home from the cinema.

In his autobiography The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company (2019), Bob Iger reveals a few details regarding his relationship with Steve Jobs. In it, the late Apple President did not hesitate or say no when expressing his views and personal feelings about Iron Man 2. In fact, he did not make a long comment, consisting of only 3 words, but enough to make Iger include in his autobiography: "The movie sucks ".
Disney directly to criticize Iron Man 2

“When Iron Man 2 was released,” the Disney president wrote, “ Steve (Jobs) went to the theater with his son to see the movie, and the very next day he called me: “I just took Reed to see Iron Man. 2 last night. The movie sucks ."

Bob Iger admitted he understood that Iron Man 2 wasn't enough to be a masterpiece, but at the time, he had to stand up for his company's product and " couldn't let Jobs think that he was critical." It's all right as well ." Going back in history a bit, in 2009, at the time of filming Iron Man 2, Disney still did not have full ownership of Marvel Studios, Paramount was still the unit responsible for producing Marvel's projects.

However, at that time, Bob Iger was busy completing the procedures in the deal with this studio. Perhaps for that reason, Steve Jobs made such a concise and concise comment instead of criticizing too heavily. The Avengers (2012) is the first movie that Disney has full control over with Marvel Studios, and is also a blockbuster that helped put the name MCU on the world cinema map, opening a new trend in concept. cinematic universe with many interlinked odd movies.
Besides, the two were originally friends with a very good relationship, before Steve Jobs died in 2011. This left a lot of regrets for Bob Iger, because he really wanted to be able to cooperate with Apple. for future entertainment projects. In his autobiography, Iger said: " I believe that if Steve were still alive, we would have merged the two companies into one, or at least negotiated this deal as seriously as possible ." Before that, in 2006, Jobs also joined the board of Disney when Apple bought Pixar after two years of negotiations.

Although Iron Man 2 is not a great work, this film has also contributed to strengthening the image and personality of Tony Stark and many other related characters, and created a stronger foundation for the film. Avengers and MCU. The Disney president's share made others wonder how Steve Jobs would feel if he had the opportunity to enjoy The Avengers and other Marvel Studios works later.

After Jobs left, both Apple and Disney went through a lot of changes in their business strategies. Currently, these two companies are still facing each other directly in the streaming field with two platforms Apple TV + and Disney +, both names are gradually asserting their positions thanks to a series of quality and attractive works. .

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