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Tesla Does Not Admit The Brake Is Faulty, Users Put The Camera On The Brake To Prove It

Tesla does not admit the brake is faulty, users put the camera on the brake to prove it

Quality issues and consumer complaints about Chinese-made Tesla vehicles are becoming a PR disaster for the US electric vehicle maker. While Tesla's PR department has yet to be revived, CEO Elon Musk's Twitter account remains the primary source of user complaints - apparently, not a viable way to deal with these complaints. worldwide complaints.

Tired of not being listened to, some Tesla users in China were forced to choose the intricate way to corroborate their complaints: installing cameras to prove quality problems in cars are fault of Tesla.

It all started when a Chinese woman climbed the Model 3 roof in the Tesla booth at Auto Shanghai 2021 to protest a brake failure in her car. Her name is Zhang Yazhou.

While she attributed the accident to a brake error in the Tesla car, the Chinese subsidiary insisted that the accident was due to the car speeding.

While the Chinese authorities began to touch Tesla over the accident and demanded that the US company respect Chinese users and comply with local laws and regulations, some Tesla owners decided I intend to handle this problem myself and install the camera at the brake pedal to record how the brake is working.

The Chinese website Fast Technology has released several images showing the camera is pointing straight to the Tesla brakes. The website says Tesla owners don't want to be blamed by the company in the event of a crash due to a brake failure. These images not only pressured Tesla to resolve quality complaints, but also damaged its image in China.
Moreover, a Twitter user posted a clip showing a shopping mall in China refused to let Tesla car park in it because of a brake error. The security guard there asked the car owner to lock the vehicle before parking it here. There are also rumors that the city of Guangzhou is planning to ban Tesla cars, but the local authorities have denied this report. Last year, Tesla's Model 3 was China's best-selling electric car, hoping the company can solve this problem before it's too late.

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