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Tesla Won The Q1 New Energy Vehicle Sales Leader: Sales In China Will Inevitably Decline In April

Tesla won the Q1 new energy vehicle sales leader: sales in China will inevitably decline in April

Not long ago, the market research organization EV Sales released the latest data. In the first quarter of 2021, the global automotive market reached 1.128 million new energy vehicle sales.

Among them, Tesla Model 3 topped the list with 126,716 sales, and won the title of sales, while the "national sacred car" Wuling Hongguang Mini EV ranked second with 96,674 sales.

It is worth mentioning that, with the exception of Tesla, the top five new energy vehicle sales in the world are all Chinese brands.

The third place on the list is the Tesla Model Y with sales of 56064 vehicles, the fourth is BYD Han EV with sales of 21,354 vehicles, and the fifth is the Great Wall Euler Black Cat with sales of 19,188 vehicles.

So, how about Tesla's sales in the Chinese market, which has been controversial due to various auto show rights protection incidents?

According to data from the Passenger Car Market Information Association (referred to as the Passenger Vehicle Association), Tesla's sales in the Chinese market from January to March this year were 15,485, 18,318, and 35,478.

Model 3 set a monthly sales record in China with 25327 sales in March, an increase of 85% from the previous month.

However, in an interview with the media, Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Travel Federation, said that Tesla's sales in China in April will inevitably decline, but this is not related to the auto show event, but is caused by the market's quarterly sales characteristics.

It is understood that since April is the first month of the second quarter, it is generally during the deployment period of manufacturers' orders and production. From the perspective of market rules, the delivery volume will also decline. In addition, Tesla will continue to export to Europe.

Let’s take a look at the latest developments in the rights protection incident at the Shanghai Auto Show. Yesterday (May 6), Anyang Women’s Car advocated that the lady submit a civil lawsuit. Ordered Tesla and other defendants to pay 50,000 yuan in compensation for mental damage.

In response to Ms. Zhang’s prosecution, Tesla responded this morning that we have always focused on product quality issues and fully promoted vehicles to carry out inspections by third-party authoritative institutions designated by relevant departments or under supervision, and strive to help Ms. Zhang return to normal as soon as possible. life.

But up to now, Ms. Zhang has not agreed to accept qualified third-party inspections designated or supervised by relevant departments, Tesla said.

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