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Tesla's April Sales In China Released: A 27% Drop From The Previous Month

Tesla's April sales in China released: a 27% drop from the previous month

News on the afternoon of May 11, the Passenger Association today released a report on the analysis of the national passenger car market in April 2021.

It is worth paying attention to Tesla China. According to the data, Tesla's wholesale sales in China are 25,845. Although this result was better than that in January and February, compared with the wholesale sales of 35,478 vehicles in March, it dropped by 27.2% from the previous month.

In the domestic new energy passenger car market that month, SAIC-GM-Wuling’s 30602 vehicles ranked first in wholesale sales, and BYD’s 25450 vehicles ranked third.

Some friends may associate Tesla’s April sales decline with the “brake failure” rights protection incident. In fact, the large-scale fermentation of the incident took place at the Shanghai Auto Show in late April. Sales data in May and June may better reflect this. Inter-relationship.

However, a person familiar with the matter broke the news not long ago that Tesla's production capacity orders in the second quarter have been sold short. Instead of analyzing sales, it is better to wait for the final progress of the "brake failure" rights protection.

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