The Official Investigation Results Of The Wenzhou Tesla Accident Announced: The Driver Continued To Depress The Accelerator Pedal Instead Of The Brake Pedal | Smart Globies

The Official Investigation Results Of The Wenzhou Tesla Accident Announced: The Driver Continued To Depress The Accelerator Pedal Instead Of The Brake Pedal

The official investigation results of the Wenzhou Tesla accident announced: the driver continued to depress the accelerator pedal instead of the brake

Wenzhou Automobile Engineering Society released the latest investigation report of the previous Tesla accident. Data from both China and the United States confirmed that the truth of the Wenzhou Tesla serial crash in August last year was that the owner mistakenly stepped on the pedal and turned the accelerator. The pedal is when the brake is stepped on.

It is worth mentioning that the official data transferred to the background of the car before the incident was obtained through the background of the Tesla headquarters (USA), and this was confirmed with the data of the EDR extracted from the accident car.

The official said that the background data can be changed in principle, but the EDR data cannot be changed.

(Vehicle EDR, full name Event Data Recorder, also commonly known as black box or collision recorder, refers to the car event data recording system, used to record the key data (speed, ABS, Status, seat belt status, etc.), and data of different control modules in the vehicle unit)

IT Home learned that on August 12, 2020, a Tesla Model 3 in Wenzhou suddenly lost control while driving, and then hit more than a dozen cars in a row before finally stopping. In this accident, the owner of the car, Mr. Chen, had his large intestine amputated by 30 cm and his waist was broken. Although he barely survived in the end, his life has changed drastically, and he was panting even after walking a few steps.

Mr. Chen told a media at the time that the Model 3 did not turn on automatic assisted driving at the time, and the vehicle suddenly lost control and accelerated. Although he performed emergency braking, it was of no use. He also said that he is an "veteran driver" with more than ten years of driving experience and will never make the mistake of "wrongly stepping on the brakes or the accelerator".

According to the official statement, as confirmed by data from China and the United States, the real situation restored is that the car owner's foot has not stepped on the brake pedal before the collision, but on the accelerator pedal, so the car is in a state of continuous acceleration.

It is said that at the time of Mr. Chen's accident in Wenzhou, Tesla hit a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. Mr. Chen said afterwards that his car's brake failed and smashed into the toll gate and rushed into the parking lot, causing the tragedy.

After the investigation results were released, Mr. Chen posted a video on a short video platform stating that at that time the testing agency could not identify whether the driver stepped on the accelerator by mistake or the quality of the car. The result of the appraisal was determined to be the wrong step on the accelerator, and the number of clicks was quite high.

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