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Windows 10X Could Be Delayed Indefinitely As Microsoft Is Focusing On The Windows 10 Sun Valley Update

Windows 10X could be delayed indefinitely as Microsoft is focusing on the Windows 10 Sun Valley update

First announced at the Surface launch event in October 2019, nearly a year before the official launch of the Surface Duo, Windows 10X is a new version of Windows for dual-screen devices, tablets, and laptops. thin, light and even mobile. Simply put, Windows 10X is said to be the simplified Windows for users who prefer mobility, which is a suitable alternative to Google's Chrome OS that regular Windows 10 users can choose from.

Windows 10X also attracted the attention of many people when it has a beautiful, intuitive new interface of Start Menu, Action Center, Taskbar and redesigned applications such as Microsoft Edge, Photos, Mail, File Explorer, Calculator and more. Initially, Microsoft said that Windows 10X was only for dual-screen devices, but then the giant promised single-screen devices such as laptops, tablets could also use the operating system. Initially, Windows 10X was announced by Microsoft to be released in early 2021, but in a recent announcement the giant said that it would delay the release of Windows 10X to the second half of 2021 due to many problems. in terms of stability still needs to be optimized for this operating system.
However, it seems that Microsoft is not sure whether Windows 10X will be released, even planning to cancel the operating system entirely. Before that, the company delayed the launch of the Surface Neo - the first to run Windows 10X. After that, the company promised to give users Windows 10X experience by 2021. Unfortunately, according to leaked sources, Microsoft will not ship Windows 10X operating system in 2021. Instead, the company plans to focus on developing the next major Windows 10 update, called Sun Valley, which will launch in October or November of this year.
Even the leaked source further told Petri that the Windows 10X release date could be delayed indefinitely with the Surface Neo. The source said that Microsoft realized that Windows 10X would be much less attractive than Windows 10 for many customers, especially if it didn't support Win32 apps. So Microsoft shifted its focus from its competitor Chrome OS to Windows 10 Sun Valley Update because the market expected a "fully capable" platform, not a half-hearted operating system like Windows 10X. It's worth noting that the Windows 10X release date has yet to be confirmed and is still subject to change due to Microsoft's new decisions.

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