Elon Musk Loves The Idea Of ​​A Hot Tub And A Dogecoin Miner, Hoping To Rescue The Bubble That Is About To Burst | Smart Globies

Elon Musk Loves The Idea Of ​​A Hot Tub And A Dogecoin Miner, Hoping To Rescue The Bubble That Is About To Burst

Elon Musk loves the idea of ​​a hot tub and a Dogecoin miner, hoping to rescue the bubble that is about to burst

Just mining Dogecoin and having hot water to use, the idea is not too bad but does anyone need it.

When there are more and more signs that the Dogecoin bubble is about to burst, its crazy fan, billionaire Elon Musk decided to help. But not with a shout-out, but with an idea that seems so great to the CEO of Tesla when it will bring a practical application to this meme coin.

This great idea is to take advantage of the heat generated during Dogecoin mining to make a hot tub and more importantly, Mr. Musk himself is very excited about it. The idea comes at a time of growing concern about the environmental impacts of energy use when mining cryptocurrencies.
It was Musk who evoked this concern by saying that the negative environmental impacts of Bitcoin mining was the reason why Tesla stopped accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for car purchases. Musk's statement set off a series of measures to tighten crypto mining operations in China and Iran that followed. Most recently, Iran banned Bitcoin mining in this country for 4 months because of frequent power outages in this country.

The idea of the hot water tank was mentioned in the tweet of the crypto exchange Blockfolio: " Hot tub heated by mining Dogecoin. Elon Musk, I don't know how, but let's go it came true ." Beneath Mr. Musk responded with a terse response: " Great idea ."

It may sound odd, but this isn't the first time Musk has tried to find a real-life application for Dogecoin, the meme coin that was created as a joke. Earlier this month, Mr. Musk also announced a satellite launch program to be paid for in this Dogecoin.

" This mission will demonstrate the applicability of cryptocurrencies beyond Earth's orbit and form the basis for interplanetary commerce ." SpaceX Vice President of Commercial Business Tom Ochinero said in his statement.
Even though the cryptocurrency market is seeing the biggest increase in recent years and is gaining popularity in every corner of the world. However, power concerns for cryptocurrency mining are becoming more and more ominous. But Mr. Musk has tried to defend this favorite cryptocurrency publicly, saying that its energy efficiency is much better than other cryptocurrencies.

On another occasion, Musk also revealed that he is working with Dogecoin developers to improve its energy efficiency.

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