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Thousands Of Tesla Electric Cars In The US Recalled Because Of Loose Brake Bolts

Thousands of Tesla electric cars in the US recalled because of loose brake bolts

Nearly 6,000 Tesla vehicles are being recalled due to loose brake bolts, which can reduce tire pressure and lead to accidents.

Owners of several thousand Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles will need to work with a Tesla Service center following the announcement of a new recall. According to documents published with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week, Tesla has recalled 5,947 electric sedans and SUVs due to the potential for loose brake calipers.
These vehicles are delivered between 2019 and 2021, likely without the brake caliper bolts to the proper specs. Over time, loose bolts can cause the brake calipers to detach and come into contact with the wheel. If this happens, the tire can lose pressure, increasing the risk of a crash. Owners can hear unusual noises coming from their car if parts come apart and come into contact with the wheels.
Tesla will inspect each affected vehicle and a technician will make sure the bolts are properly tightened. If the car owner's car is missing bolts, the technician will add and re-screw the screws for free. If the inspection reveals damage, the company claims to tow the vehicle to the nearest facility for repair. The automaker did not say when it plans to notify owners of the recall, but expects an announcement in the next few weeks to address this potential issue.

In 2020, Tesla delivered 442,511 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. The company said no accidents or injuries were reported because of bolt problems.

Meanwhile in the Chinese market, many accidents involving Tesla vehicles are reported by users as having a fault with the car's brake system. Some users have even installed cameras to prove quality problems in cars are due to manufacturer's fault. And yet, some shopping centers in China have refused to allow Tesla cars to park because this model often has brake problems.

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