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Apple Allows 3rd Party Payment Tools At The Korean App Store

Apple allows 3rd party payment tools at the Korean App Store

A new law was enacted by the National Assembly of Korea in September 2021, obliging app developers to use specific payment systems, in order to prevent monopolies from market operators. apps - like Apple and Google. On January 11, 2022, Apple gave regulatory consent and will allow payment systems other than those in the App Store.

Apple hasn't said the exact fee it will charge app developers for using an external payment system, but does say it will be 30% less than Apple's current regulatory fee. Exact commission rates for external payments, and execution date, will be determined after concluding discussions with South Korea's Technology regulator, the giant said.

Google also agreed to the new rule a little earlier than Apple, charging 26% for external payments. At first glance this sounds like a win for app developers on Apple and Google platforms, but there are also concerns about whether it will have any significant impact. For example, it is much easier and more convenient for a developer to use the payment systems provided by Apple or Google, than using an external payment system.

Another good example is the payment system of the market operator One Store in Korea. A fee of 5% when using external payment methods, 20% for internal payment methods of the market. However, for the sake of convenience, developers still accept the option of higher fees.

However, no matter how effective it is, successfully implementing the regulation and forcing Apple and Google to make concessions is a big step forward in the fight for developers. It is also considered that the first domino to be pushed will create a chain reaction in other countries to achieve the same goal as in Korea.

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